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The Prescott Sportsmen's Club is dedicated to providing rifle and pistol safety education, marksmanship training, and safe shooting facilities for club members and the general public.

The Club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association, the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, and with the Corporation for Civilian Marksmanship.


The club offers a safe shooting facility for those who wish to sight-in firearms or engage in casual target shooting. We also sponsor several formal competitive matches throughout the year. Visit the links under "Shooting Committees" to learn about our organized programs.

    Membership Inquiries and Changes
    Please click this sentence to contact Carole, our Membership Administrator, to make inquiries about your membership or to submit changes to your address, email, etc. Include your full name and membership number.

    Prescott Sportsmen's Club Membership Application

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    CVSF range fees and PSC membership rates will increase on June 1, 2017.

    a.  Daily shooter fees will increase to $12 per day.
    b.  New member admin fee (one time) increases to $35.
    c.  Family annual membership and renewal:  $120.
    d.  Individual annual membership and renewal:  $100.

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

    PSC Board of Directors.

    NRA fees have changed to $30 from $25 effective May 1st 2016

    Processing of your application can take up to 3 weeks. Thanks for your patience.
    Applicants submitting at the range will receive a temporary membership card.

    NRA Membership is a requirement to join the Prescott Sportsmen's Club and you save $10 if you join the NRA through the club!


    (NRA - Online Application)

    Join NRA - Mail-in Application